Experts' Comments

Headphone Cable Type

Metals used for Headphone Wires

Having the right power is great but getting the power to the drivers is another trip. Since different metals conduct power with varying degrees of strength so connection between the earplug and the device depends on the conductor. Most bundled earphones come with a standard copper cord, which works just fine but not for long. The ideal option to improve connectivity and power delivery would be Oxygen Free Copper clad aluminium wire (CCAW), improving the overall sound clarity.

Cord Length

The standard length of any earphone wire is 1.2m/3.9 Ft. Headphones/earphones for sports and DJs are generally longer to increase mobility. Usually cord extensions are provided making them 2 to 3 metres, which can be inconvenient for some but can also work well when you want to watch stuff on your tv using headphones. Preferences for cable length vary for active users, especially depending on where they prefer to keep their audio playing device: a backpack or a pants pocket,these necessitate a longer cable, while one can opt for a short one if they wear a player on a neck lavalier or an armband.

Tangle Free Cables

There's finally a solution for all those tangles you never want to deal with! Few headphones have flat cables that are designed to not get tangled thereby increasing durability. Some have woven fabric cables where the cable is wrapped with a thread which also reduces tangles to a certain extent, but not as much as flat cables However woven fabric cables reduce the "touch noise" caused when you're doing any rigorous activity.